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For the love of words

I’ve been doing a lot of dabbling in various languages over the past few months, and I’ve really learned a lot. I’d be lying if I said I regretted it because I quite enjoy having a broad pool of knowledge (though in some parts it’s incredibly shallow) to draw from. Languages are living things which… Fortsätt läsa For the love of words

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Dabbling on the Livonian coast

Over the past few months, I’ve lost my way a bit when it comes to language learning. I’ve been jumping around from project to project like a madman, never really getting anywhere with anything. But I do love a good dabble, and although I’ve not really attained any sort of deep knowledge about any particular… Fortsätt läsa Dabbling on the Livonian coast

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Languages & Me: Scandilove

Merry April, dear readers! This month, I’ll admit, I was struggling a little for ideas. My language learning progress has been minimal at best and I haven’t really done anything exciting travel-wise. Somebody on Twitter (you can find me @sprakskatan) made a wonderful suggestion and it kind of inspired me to talk a little about… Fortsätt läsa Languages & Me: Scandilove