Flying the nest

united-kingdomA lot of things have changed in my life in the past month, so I figured it was time to give you guys a bit of a life update while I try and get myself a little bit more sorted out!

This month I finally moved out of my parents place and into a house near work with a friend of mine. Of course I went away to university so I’ve lived apart from my family before, but my shared housing experience at university wasn’t an altogether positive one. That’s why this feels like a much bigger step than it actually probably is.

I also made the conscious decision to go back into education. It’s always been a goal, but I was intending to get my Masters degree abroad without any real plan of where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do or how on Earth I was going to afford it. So I’ve decided to do a degree with the Open University in translation. Which means I’ll still be able to keep my job and study at the same time, but it also means I have to become more than slightly proficient in German (that is to say, C1 level – which is absolutely no easy feat) before I can start. So a lot of my energy is going into that at the moment – all other projects are off, near-fluency in German is my main goal.

IMG_6128And last but most definitely not least, we welcomed a new member of the family into our lives just this morning. If you follow me on social media you will almost definitely know about this already, but this morning we adopted this little bundle of joy. His name is Derek, and his favourite thing seems to be a toss up between napping and chewing on my big toe with his needle-like puppy teeth. Nevertheless, I love him the pieces and I’m probably going to be visiting home a hell of a lot just to see him. Just look at him, though!

And honestly, that’s about it. Just wanted to keep you all up to date with where I’m at! Normal service will resume next month, I promise! And as always, thank you for reading, see you next month.

– J.


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